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Translation: Jelmōñe Jelmio se Vēzos - The North Wind and the Sun

Continuing my other translations, this is a translation of one of Aesop's fables, often used to illustrate spoken language. Any feedback positive or constructive is appreciated.

Jelmōñe Jelmio se Vēzos sparos kostōbykty istas vettesi, skorī aerēptys mastas, bānos qībōñoso jomīsare. Aerēptys zȳhi qībōños nādīnagon sahagon ēlī tetas lȳ tolomy kostōbykta iōtaptīluks selis. Pār Jelmōñe Jelmio kōttas qopsāpirī jēlēptas, yn lo qopsȳtrī jēlēptas, sepār aerēptys zirȳlo vamiot zȳhi qībōños lurutas; se mōrī Jelmōñe Jelmio obūltas. Pār Vēzos bānī jehittas, sepār aerēptys zȳhi qībōños nādīntas. Sepār Vēzos lāntoti kostōbyktys istas vestragon Jelmōño Jelmiō beviltas.

In English:

The North Wind and the Sun were disputing which was the stronger, when a traveler came along wrapped in a warm cloak. They agreed that the one who first succeeded in making the traveler take his cloak off should be considered stronger than the other. Then the North Wind blew as hard as he could, but the more he blew the more closely did the traveler fold his cloak around him; and at last the North Wind gave up the attempt. Then the Sun shined out warmly, and immediately the traveler took off his cloak. And so the North Wind was obliged to confess that the Sun was the stronger of the two.

December 2, 2019



Beautiful. Great job!


Thanks! Good job on your streak.

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