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  5. "Tha cuilean spòrsail."

"Tha cuilean spòrsail."

Translation:A puppy is fun.

December 2, 2019



Why not "A fun puppy"?


That would be cuilean spòrsail. The word tha is the verb 'to be', so that's where the is comes from in the English.


Can such a sentence as this be taken as a generalization? As in English, "Puppies are fun." Or would they also use the plural for general statements?


I'm pretty sure you would have to use the plural of puppies for that. I'm not certain what the plural is. Possibly something like: Tha cuileanan spòrsail

I might be wrong so someone can correct me if so. I'm just learning this like everyone else.


Hearing cuilean for the first time makes me think of the German word ending -lein (making this mean little dog).

Is this an isolated word or are there other words in Gaelic with this ending that give a noun a diminutive feel?


Oh good catch! I'd like to know if there are more too.


I am not sure if that is an example of diminutive. I feel difference between a little dog and a puppy.


"Puppy" comes from the same French word as the word "puppet," even though I myself feel a difference between puppies and puppets. Language is weird like that.


Why not 'The puppy is fun'


Am I the only one hearing a slender N at the end? I thought the letter A before it was supposed to indicate it wasn't slender.

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