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Scottish Gaelic Orthography/Spelling

Does anyone know of a basic guide to Scottish Gaelic orthography/spelling? I'm finding it difficult to keep up with pronunciations and I was hoping there might be at least some kind of link between the written and spoken language(s).

Would appreciate some help if you have any!

December 2, 2019



There is an excellent book 'Blas na Gaidhlig: a practical guide to Gaelic pronunciation' by Michael Bauer (Akerbeltz, 2011). It has over 500 pages but is a relatively easy read. There are audio links for the book at www.akerbeltz.eu


I don't recommend this. Transcribing one language's sounds in another's orthography is a problem for a few reasons.


especially a language like English which has so many different dialects and accents, which certainly don't agree on what the vowel in cow is


Agreed that reading about how a language is pronounced is of very limited help, especially considering the wild variety of how the multitudinous English vowels are pronounced. Something with sound files on the web is what we need. :) Loving the course. Thank you, mods, developers, and Duolingo for this course.


We need more local people to join in. It would be great to eventually hear it more widely in Scotland.

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