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Learning Hindi

Hey guys we are going to go to India in December, but growing up in England I know literally next to no Hindi, I can speak kinda broken Gujarati but like , it’s not going to help, I’m not going to Gujarat. I’m scared that if I speak English they won’t understand. And I don’t wanna look like a newb. Any tips or anything else I’ll need to know for my trip? Thanks my broooooos!

December 2, 2019



I can actually speak gujarati fluently- I've got a gcse in it! Don't worry, a lot of people in india know how to speak in english so language won't be a problem in the more richer parts of the country. Where abouts are you going? North or South?


I am going to the North east, like around Haridwar... And I’m going in like, a week. Lowkey kind of scared not gonna lie


i am indian and help u to speak hindi but my english is not fluent and i do some mistakes while i speak english


That’s fine don’t worry. And thanks for offering, that would be useful thank you. I was wondering if there would be anything I would really need to know or anything? My trip is in four days

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