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Do Dutch people like foreigners?

December 2, 2019



It depends on whether they are nice, polite foreigners.

And it depends on whether they are nice, polite Dutch people.


Depends on the person. But the overwhelming majority are tolerant and welcoming in my experience of living as a foreigner in the Netherlands


In my experience yes, but remember that no one likes a jerk. I've been to Nederlands twice and a lot of other countries in Europe and almost universally, the people were friendly, polite, and welcoming. But I also saw a lot of tourists who were rude, self-important, self-righteous and impatient. Different countries generally had different levels of tolerance for that kind of behavior and some of them were more open and direct about not having any patience for those kind of people.


Dear Jan,
The Dutch tourist branche depends on foreign visitors for a great deal;
The Dutch agricultural business, depends on foreign workers also;
The Dutch medical care, builds on foreign professionals too at the moment.
Our universities are promoting their specialisms to foreign students all over the world generating great response.
Our cities welcome international firms and entrepreneurs (acting inside the law) with open arms...
... so

what would your plan B?


Still go to the netherlands


exactly what Tembo and weerwater are saying.


It mostly depends on how you behave and a little on where you will go. If you go to cities, people are used to foreigners and the great majority of people will be welcoming, provided that you don't act like a ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤, like basically everywhere


you have recieved great answers, such an open ended question needs an answer with clarification which those who answered you did.


After checking out at Duome, and the other quite negative sounding titles of the posts of "Jan", (which were downvoted into oblivion), it seems to me, that this post is not being made out of a real interest.


That's a shame. Nevertheless, the responses remain sincere...

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