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  5. "Tha piseag gu math."

"Tha piseag gu math."

Translation:A kitten is well.

December 2, 2019



As long as the kitten is not IN the well.


Why is it 'gu math' and not just 'math'? What does 'gu' mean in this context?


In Gaelic, to make an adverb you add "gu" to the noun. So just "math" on its own would mean 'good'. But gu math means well. Basically Gu before a noun, makes the noun an adverb


This is not a proper grammatical sentence in NA English


It is, just unusual, and unlikely to be said. This seems to refer to the well-being of the kitten. The kitten is not sick.

Never seen it used this way with an indefinite noun, though.


This seems a bit odd to me. I think A kitten is good would be a better translation. This sentence says to me that there is a kitten that is not sick. Otherwise, well is an adverb rather than an adjective.


"gu math" is an adverb that means "well". It's just an odd (although grammatical) sentence to have it in tbh.

"Tha a' phiseag gu math" (The kitten is well) is more like something someone would say.


'There is a kitten that is not sick' is a perfectly good paraphrase of this sentence. 'A kitten is good' would be Tha piseag math.


That's what I used and it worked

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