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In arabic when you want to own something (my 'something) you just add to word end ي letter. But how it should be with a word كرسي (chair) when it's already with an ي? Just curious about grammar in this part. Thank you all

December 2, 2019


Almost ways we say in Arabic in the daily speak Kursiyyi كُرْسِيِّي

In writing we don't write this (كُرْسِيِّي) , we write instead of that مَقْعَدِي Maq3adi it has the same meaning and it's more standard that كُرْسِيِّي so it's more used in writing.

Hope was helpful:)

just add the "ي" at the end... would be pronounced as a heavy "yi. كرسيِّ this one is wrong: كُرْسِيِّي. two "ya" and a "shaddeh"? too much.

Because كرسي without the ي for possession wrote with a original shaddah كُرْسِيٌّ , so with the possession it become كُرْسِيِّي . Anyway, we say in daily talking Korsiyyi, but we don't write كُرْسِيِّي ever! And you'll not see it in any book. We write مَقْعَدِي.

Just to be clearer in my note of كُرْسِيِّي, see مَقْعَدِي it is مَقْعَدٌ, with the possession it becomes مَقْعَدِي.. hope it was helpful:)

Thank you. Very unique situation actually. Never thought that for possession you would literally will use completely different word. Fun. :)

You're welcome:)

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