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"Tha i fuar ann an Innis Tìle."

Translation:It is cold in Iceland.

December 2, 2019



Does the Tìle relate to the word Thule?


it does. i learned about mythical (which seems an odd descriptor) Thule from this :D


I'm a little confused about when one uses "anns" and when one uses "an" to indicate location.


Anns an and Anns a' mean in the, so would be used with countries requiring the definite article, e.g. anns an Fhraing (In France) or anns a' Ghearmailt (In Germany). You will also meet Anns na with countries that are plural, e.g. Anns na Stàitean Aonaichte (In the United States).

Ann an and Ann am mean in a, as in Ann an dùthaich (In a country), or in for countries not requiring the definite article, as in Ann an Innis Tìle (In Iceland) or Ann am Peru (In Peru). You might occasionally come across ann an shortened to simply an, but I don't think that's standard usage.


Is Iceland "Innis Tìle" or "an Innis Tìle" similar to how Germany and Poland in Scottish Gaelic have "a' "?


Just Innis Tìle. The ann an here means 'in'.

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