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Android App, more lessons than in web


I have searched the forum and was only able to find one post, which went unanswered so sorry if I've missed the answer else where.

On the web, to progress to the next level of a category, I can see I need to complete 4 lessons - but when I look at the same one on android it states I have 12 lessons.

Anyone else come across this and am I missing something obvious?

Thanks, Jake

December 2, 2019



You're not missing anything obvious. I use both android and the Web and the only thing consistent around here is the inconsistency. If you learn to accept inconsistency as a Duolingo feature and not as the annoyance that it actually is, then you'll be just fine. ;-)


Good to know! I don't mind the extra lessons on the app - just not sure which one is right, should it only be lessons 4 to progress to level 4, or should there be 12 (I know it varies per category).

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