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  5. "Nós estamos dizendo isso."

"Nós estamos dizendo isso."

Translation:We are saying that.

April 25, 2013



"That's what we are saying" is less awkward yet not accepted. Reporting...


I though "isso" was "this"? Here they translate it as "that"...?


I always find it safest to translate isso, esse, etc with that and isto, este etc. with this. I don't think DL ever punished me for this/that :)


Ohhh patience when dealing with demonstratives....


here in duo I've noticed that: "That - esse/essa/isso/aquele/aquilo/que, etc" and "This - este/esta/isto", so as google translate. Here in Brazil we don't make a serious distinction between "esse/este", only that "esse" is near and "este" is far - http://www.infoescola.com/portugues/uso-de-essea-ou-estea/, but they are interchangeable in informal talks

[deactivated user]

    Portuguese looks odd. Native speaker care to comment?


    "Nós estamos dizendo isso." é uma frase normal, ex: "Vocês dizem que o time A é melhor que o time B. Nós estamos dizendo isso: que o time B é melhor que o time A"

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