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SPECIFY Audio/Hint Issues

I know I'm ranting to the converted here, but if you have an issue with the audio or the hints on an exercise, in the Unforgettable Name of Kahless, I implore you to please go to the discussion for the exercise and tell us what the problem is. There are three reasons for this:

  1. You make an audio complaint by clicking on the "Audio sounds wrong" option and I have to listen to the male and female audio for the sentence and every word in the sentence to see if there is a truncation, a microphone switch sound, you can hear me breathing, or someone said the wrong word. This is time that could be spent recording the rest of the audio, so you're taking from yourself and everyone doing the course by delaying audio.

  2. Sometimes students think the rasping or spitting associated with sounds like Hay, ghay and pay is an audio problem when that's the real sound the student needs to learn. You report an issue and you can learn, and so can other students.

  3. We can't see what hints you received on the sentence from our end. Some students try to translate the sentences by transcribing every hint from the words in order, and then complain that the hints are wrong when that doesn't work, so a "Hints are wrong or missing" complaint doesn't give us any information on what might be wrong.

Thank you to everyone who is reporting real problems, and clarifying their issues. We still can't address the fact that Duo thinks q and Q are the same letter. Also, I have to breathe sometimes. It's a failing of my species. If you talk to me in person, you will hear me breathe.

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December 2, 2019



Does this mean you don't want us to ever click on the "Audio sounds wrong" button? I've been doing both that and describing in more detail on the discussion page, thinking I'm being the most helpful, but if that's twice as much work for you, I can stop.


For audio, hitting the report button alone is usually useless. If the error was obvious we probably would have caught it ourselves.

Going to the discussion for that sentence and describing the audio issue in detail with what you think the problem is and what you think it should actually sound like is very helpful. You can also use the report or not, it gives us no additional information, but it's easy to remove it.


Doing both is great, as far as I'm concerned. The way I find audio errors is:

  1. Someone, usually jdmcowan, posts it to the Audio Recording Insights thread. I have that thread bookmarked and check it first when I sit down to record. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33304896

  2. I notice a new forum thread with an audio report. (I won't notice audio reports in old threads, because my level of permissions doesn't give me a tool to see new posts in old threads). jdmcowan has this tool, so he copies such reports to "my" thread.

  3. I see an audio report on a module I'm recording for, and either when I listen to it there is something obvious, or when I click through to the corresponding forum thread there is an explanation of what the person finds problematic. I do listen every time there's a report, but if I don't hear an issue I don't re-record.

  4. I'm working through the course myself and hear something I don't like.

  5. There's a discussion for some other reason on a sentence and I listen to it and don't like it.


On the other hand, if you have problems with a hint, don't bother marking that. The course is hint-complete: the only words that don't have hints appear only in alternate sentences that are never presented as translation challenges to the students. The earlier problem with hints not appearing for words beginning in a qaghwI' has been resolved. So when a student presses Hints are wrong or missing and provides no explanation, we just assume that the student thinks the hints are supposed to provide an exact translation, not a hint.

If you find a problem with a hint, by all means tell us about it, but it's likely to be a systemic problem, like Duolingo sorts the hints stupidly, or multi-part hints display incorrectly, and not sentence-specific. It's possible that somewhere in the hints is a typo, and we do want to know about that, but clicking Hints are wrong or missing won't communicate that.


I feel like the post that I usually use to notify you of sentence discussions that need attention is missing or buried, so I hope you see this one. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36226713

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