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  5. "Madainn mhath Iseabail."

"Madainn mhath Iseabail."

Translation:Good morning, Isabel.

December 2, 2019



Does mh always make the sound of v, or is it just at the beginning of a word?


I think that after a broad vowel it might sound as /u/. Eg. amharc is transcribed as /ãũ.ərg/ in faclair.com, and there’s audio too. Also there in the Those pesky BH, DH, GH and MH section they claim that labhar is pronounced ‘laa-uhr’ (/laː.ər/?).

I believe I’ve also seen abhainn transcribed both as /avin’/ and /a.in’/ (with bh gone completely) for different dialects.


This is a VERY late reply, but you're absolutely right - I pronounce abhainn something like /auɪɲ/.


How beautiful the names sound in Gaelic! Where can I find a translation for my own name (Jennifer )? I noticed in the Tips section of the first lesson that there is no "J" in the Gaelic alphabet. Tapadh leat in advance for answering my question ❤️


Theres not a jennifer in scottish, but there is jenny which is Sìne. Theres a jennifer in irish though, thats Seannafair

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