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Who have the most exp/highest levels in Scottish Gaelic?

Hi there! Just wondering if anyone here has a high level or a large amount of exp in Scottish Gaelic? I'm looking to follow some people to compete against :-)

So far, I can only find people who have gotten streaks over 100 on duome here: https://duome.eu/en/gd, but I was wondering about users who haven't got a long streak yet.

I saw that there is a user who has over 13,000 exp and is level 19 on Scottish Gaelic, but I'm not sure if I should name them though or let them be anonymous.

Let me know what level or how much exp you have :-)

December 2, 2019



Even if you don't have much exp, feel free to follow me. I follow back and we can compete together to learn Scottish Gaelic :-)


I don't have that much experience yet (just under 3000), but I've been studying pretty intensely, and it's my main priority on Duo just now. :) Having so much fun with the course!


Over 4000 now! Congratulations! How far through the course are you? I'm on 52 crowns, but I'm only up to the Time skill. What about you?


Aww, thanks! And thank you for the follow. I'm actually halfway through Time myself, so we're at more or less the same place. Though I have a few more crowns (59), as I've done additional levelling on everything up to just after the second checkpoint.

My progress actually slowed a little since making my post here, as I got a wee bit busy with end of term assignments. I'm also away from home until the 20th, and haven't had time to do much beyond keep up my streak. But I think I can make it to the end of the course by Christmas. I also want to go back and run through everything between checkpoints 2 and 3 again, as I feel like the course introduces a lot of new things between those two checkpoints, and I don't think many of them are really all that solidly burned into my memory yet. :'D


7510XP or 105 crowns here. Completed the level 3 tree, and now on to Level 4. So far so good. I'd like to finish this course by the end of the year. It's a challenge anyway. The exercise where you have to type sentences in Gaelic are the best challenges

It is fine to do the course quickly as I've found with other languages. You just have to keep up with any broken skills or you'll forget most of it.

I wonder why my Owl is showing still as green when other courses at Level 3 are Gold.


Woah nice! You going for all level 5? :-)


Yes. I’ve done that with French and Italian so far. They have brought in more material for French, but most of it is not new to me. The holiday season has got in the way right now so my goal of finishing Gaelic level 5 by year’s end will not quite be realised.


I used to speak Gaelic a long time ago and I'm working my way through the course. A lot of words are coming back to me. You're welcome to follow me if you want, but my main priority at this stage is learning Italian from French.


Have a follow, a charaid, agus nice streak! :D


I am taking my time through Gaelic. My main interests are in the Brythonic branch of the Celtic family


I’m about half way through level 2 and aiming for the top.


Halò! I've followed you all. I'm just starting out and getting to grips with the forums

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