"Seo cuilean."

Translation:This is a puppy.

December 2, 2019



I always have a difficult time distinguishing "seo" from "seall" in the audio. And usually both make grammatical sense, so.... I just guess and get it wrong half the time. Is there a way to tell, or is it pretty dialect dependent?


If you listen really hard to the endings there is a L sound in Seall that is absent in Seo. It is tough though especially as quite often both make "sense"...

In a practical way, I doubt they would be easy to confuse in a real conversation, or that it would alter the meaning enough to matter


If the speaker is going to pause that long between seo and cuilean then it's almost guaranteed that people will mis-hear it as seall (pause) cuilean. The words are similar enough that dialectical differences make it uncertain enough which one you are hearing. Adding that insanely lengthy pause just weighs it too much in favor of the wrong answer. Nobody in normal conversation is going to say "Here is...(3 second pause)…a puppy". But you might easily pause at the end of an exclamation: "Look!! (Pause so they can look) A puppy!"

I really think "look, a puppy" should be allowed as a translation here. Regardless what the original intention was.


100% agree. The pause wrong foots me every time.


Why is "this puppy" wrong?


‘this puppy’ would be an cuilean seo. Seo as a determiner always goes after the noun (and, the noun needs to be definite, as noted below). If it is at the beginning of the sentence, it means ‘this is…’.


'This puppy' would be an cuilean seo.


Of course, I don’t know how I could forget the article. Thanks for pointing it out, corrected in my response too. :)


Tapadh leibh for explaining it! :D

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