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Older iPad doesn't work at all

Hi All, I used to run the duolingo app fine on my ipad. It's stopped working and it seems that there's no longer a version for my ipad (iOS 9.3.5). I've also tried running the web version on safari and chrome, but the screen just stays blank (I imaging the javascript runtimes are too old for duolingo). Can anyone confirm that this is the case, or help me to get duolingo working? Thanks

December 2, 2019



You need Google Chrome V77/V78, otherwise you get a "blank page" on the Learn page.

What is the last Mozilla Firefox you can try on IOS 9.3.5?
Quantum will probably require a newer OS.

Have you tried Firefox V52.9.0esr?

And there is no chance to upgrade your IOS on the older ipad?

December 2, 2019


So: Chrome version is 56.2924.79 iOS version is (as I say) 9.3.5 No chance to upgrade. So it appears that I have two options: either stop using duolingo or throw away a perfectly good iPad.

Thank you Apple, Google and Duolingo for helping to destroy the planet!

December 3, 2019



This Chrome version is way too old.

We also had problems with an older Chrome browser version on an Samsung Android V4.4 tablet.

We were FORCED to upgrade to V77 to not get the "empty page" rendering error.

The new Panasonic Smart TV (MyHomeScreen OS / FirefoxOS) only has Firefox V34 installed.
Of course Duolingo webpage does not work with that too.

I am just lucky, that Firefox V52.9.0esr still works (the more or less with several technical issues) on this older Windows laptop.

Advise: Retest with Firefox V52.9.0esr if this version might still be compatible with IOS 9.3.5 (I have no clue).

December 3, 2019
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