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Grammatical numbers

Feasgar math, a chàirdean,

I am currently working my way through numbers and wanted to see if anybody else who struggle(s/d) with this has any guidance on how to master it.

From what I gathered from Wikipedia:

"Nouns have three grammatical numbers: singular, dual (vestigially) and plural. Dual forms of nouns are only found after the numeral dà (two), where they are obligatory. The dual form is identical in form to the dative singular [...], or have a palatalised final consonant [...]. Plurals are formed in a variety of ways, including suffixation (often involving the suffix -(e)an) and slenderisation. Pluralisation, as in Irish Gaelic and Manx, can vary according to noun class, however on the whole depends on the final sound of the singular form." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_Gaelic_grammar#Gender_and_number

Hope we can gather some tricks here!

December 2, 2019



https://learngaelic.scot/grammar_hacks/numbers.jsp This is a grammar page on LearnGaelic about using numbers with nouns. There is a video at the top of the page and text below that. I just posted this on another question but I think it might also be of interest here.


Exactly the kind of resource I was looking for! Super helpful.

Mòran taing!


Tapadh leat! This is very helpful!


To put it simply.

One, two, and tens, are singular.

Basically everything else is plural.

aon chàr dà chàr trì càraichean

(agus mar sin air adhart)

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