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Klingon name genders

Do you think we should require you to learn the genders of our fictional Klingons in order to translate sentences into English?

I think the course makes it clear enough at the beginning that Mara is female and Torg is male, and I think even if tlhIngan Hol is your first exposure to Star Trek that should know that Kahless is male, but what about Turgal and Kargan? In Klingon it doesn't matter, because unless someone is being specifically identified as an aunt or father, there's no grammatical or vocabulary difference, but in English students have to choose he or she. Course constructors made up the names and there is no aspect of the name that reveals gender. Is it okay to get something get marked wrong the first time you see it because you guessed that qarghan HoD was female? Or is it burdensome enough for the students to remember the gender of the made up names, that we should do the work of ensuring that every variety of every sentence works with either of the gendered English pronouns?

What do you think?

December 2, 2019



By the way not only do I agree with this I also don't think the course should hold you accountable to know the precise spellings of transliterated names since they aren't actually Klingon vocabulary. It would be like forcing someone in German to write "John" when their name is actually "Johann".


Please continue to report any instances you come across that seem to require you to know the "translation" of the name rather than allowing you to type the name the same in both languages.


I wholeheartedly agree. This would make it a lot easier for me and (I think) others.

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