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  5. "Chan eil an càr agam beag."

"Chan eil an càr agam beag."

Translation:My car is not small.

December 2, 2019



This sentence seems a bit random in the Biadh 2 section.


Generally, things are being led by grammar and not topics. A bit random, but it does no harm to what we are trying to teach. :)


Why is it 'an càr agam' and not 'mo chàr'?


'Mo' is used for personal attachments i.e. your mother/ sister, and 'tha ... agam' for most things that you're not so emotionally attached to. There's a better way of explaining it, but 'mo' is almost a term of endearment in relation to the object, as I understand it.


Totally confusing. I have not encountered this construction before. Whats up with the changes to the categories? It would be helpful to have some explanation for those of us working on phones

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