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"Emptor pretium aestimare vult."

Translation:The customer wants to estimate the price.

December 2, 2019



Did we learn another word for "want"? What is the difference between the two? Or maybe I am thinking of the word for "would like," velit.


Was it customary to estimate prices? It does seem quite strange. Does it mean to check the prices?


I accidently typed costumer instead of customer......


Same here... took me a while to figure it


I´m not a native English speaker. So could you help letting me know whether customer and client have the same meaning or not. I wrote The client wants to estimate the price, and my answer was marked as wrong. Thanks


A customer is typically used for a person buying something in a shop or store. Client usually refers to someone who is purchasing a service, like legal or financial help. Client is also a more formal term, and refers to someone who is in a longer-term business relationship with someone else.

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