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Can’t login on Firefox

I have always used DUO on firefox, and suddenly when i try to login, i get nothing but a blank page. I can login on Safari and Duo still working fine on my iPhone. But no connection on Firefox?

December 2, 2019



I had that once and it has never worked on that browser since.


Latest version. It reloads automatically


Please be more specific.

What is the latest supported browser version for your Iphone then?

There are multiple devices out there...each one has a different OS.

Not every OS supports installing the latest Firefox Chrome V77/V78 or Mozilla Firefox Quantum V68-V70 versions!!


Try to "Request full desktop site".


Can you create a new firefox profile, clear cache, etc.?


Do you have any blockers like uBlock, uMatrix, NoScript.... addons activated?


I've had the issue on another computer with older versions of firefox and chrome, and it just never worked or gave any indication of what was wrong. I would try reinstalling the browser if possible if it doesn't fix itself soon.

It would be nice if somebody looked into what is causing the page not to load because it prevents the user from using the site at all. Very annoying to have a "bricked" website.


Latest Firefox version. It reloads automatically.


Thanks. Not using duo in Firefox on my phone. On my computer which I don’t have with me now. Have been using duo with same preferences and addons on my computer for years. It just suddenly went to a blank screen when I try to sign in. No other websites affected. Back to my computer in a week. Til then thanks.



Too many web code updates were made by staff in 2019.

The previous website was so much better working here on Firefox V52.9.0esr.

One of these "code updates" crashed IE11, Safari browsers and compatibility with older Chrome, older Firefox versions.

Let's find a sponsor to buy a new computer :-)

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