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How to make the Arabic letters bigger WITHOUT magnifying your screen!

Many people have remarked that the Arabic letters here are very small and I agree that it is a horrible pain to keep un-magnifying your screen or losing the edges just to see the characters. However, even in google's search feature, the script is horridly tiny.

One clear way to fix this: use google chrome extensions.

Huruf ( حروف ) is a free Arabic script changer which can not only change the size but the style (font) as well. This is easily found by searching Huruf in the Chrome Web Store.

Wudooh ( وضوح ) is also a free Arabic script changer which I personally prefer to Huroof because it adjusts the size as you adjust - without having to reload - and you can whitelist certain sites if the big Arabic letters adjust the formatting severely. I also like the fonts a bit better. Funnily enough, the word Wudooh means clarity in Arabic.

Link to Wudooh: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wudooh/nigfaloeeeakmmgndbdcijjegolpjfhn

Link to Huruf: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/huruf/lhdifindchogekmjooeiolmjdlheilae

IF YOU DON'T HAVE CHROME: tough luck; chrome is the superior browser

December 2, 2019



Off topic (sorry), but maybe related?: My Arabic alphabet shows up as the Nastaliq script (used for Urdu and Persian, etc). Dunno why. Anyone having trouble reading the Arabic should try Nastaliq -- it's even harder, ha!


Can I use this on my Iphone too? The Wudooh thing?


Welp, Huruf doesn't work for me. The font just stays the same.


Ugg. Anyone have a non-Google method? Google and Amazon are not-to-be-used.


This comment has a method for Firefox.

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