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  5. "Good morning, who are you?"

"Good morning, who are you?"

Translation:Madainn mhath, cò thusa?

December 2, 2019



I'm still stuck on why some words are modified with "mhath", and some are 'math'. Do they both mean "good"?


From my notes, morning is feminine, so gets the added 'h', where as if it was good afternoon (feasgar math) , you don't add the 'h', as it's masculine - I've still a lot of work to do, in order to understand which nouns are feminine and which are masculine though! :(


Could you use "cò sibhse" here?


The correct answer does not show up in the hints, it seems.


I searched and both mean the same thing, not sure why it's this version over the other maybe this is formal? Can anyone answer why it's not cò a bheil thu?


You're on the right track! Sibhse is to be used when there is more than one person OR you want to show respect such as with an elder or someone with authority such as a teacher. Thusa is used among friends or someone around your age or less. Hope this makes sense and helps!


Im stuck. I dont know how to insert the accent marks.


Usually you can tweak the settings of whatever you're using for a keyboard.

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