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  5. "Is there internet?"

"Is there internet?"

Translation:A bheil eadar-lìon ann?

December 2, 2019



What does the "ann" do in this sentence? I though "A bheil eadar-lìon" would be correct.


The bi verb (whose forms tha and bheil are) needs some predicate – you cannot say just *tha Màiri, or *a bheil eadar-lìon? – that’s ungrammatical.

ann has several meanings: ‘in it, in him, there’.

English there can express general existence in sentences like are there humans on Earth? or there are two apples on the table, or is there Internet? meaning really does Internet exist?.

In Gaelic you use ann in a similar manner if you want to state existence of something and you don’t have any other predicate for the bi verb: tha Màiri ann ‘there is Màiri, Màiri exists’, a bheil eadar-lìon ann? ‘is there Internet? does Internet exist?’.


In that last paragraph, where would "seo" be more apt, in a case of "this is Màiri" vs. "that (pointing someplace) is Màiri "?


This is Màiri - seo Màiri, that is Màiri - sin Màiri.


What is the literal translation of "eadar" and "lion"?


Inter, between and net, web (if you mean lìon with a long ì, that is).


are those the old world ideas of web and net used in a modern way (like with english)?


I’d say it’s a use of term for specific material object (spider web, fishing net) used as an abstract concept (lots of abstract interconnected nodes). And the word between is an abstract in itself. Nothing particularly modern about that usage (besides the fact that in this case it is naming a modern technology).

You’ll find the word for (spider, fishing) net used for computer networks, social networks, etc. used in many languages.


Where does "ann" suddenly pop up from?


That has already been answered, look above ^


very important question, good to know! :D

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