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Good Gaelic songs for beginners!

So I've been listening to a lot of Gaelic songs while I work to try and get a feel for it, most of them are still too fast/complex for me to follow along properly, but I was listening to Latha Math by Mànran and it struck me as particularly good for beginners to study. It uses a few of words from the first few Duolingo levels, simple sentence structure and is slow enough that I don't think it gets you (too!) tongue-tied, but is still challenging enough that you can pick away at it for a good while before you get all of it


Ag èirigh tràth anns a' mhadainn,

A' ghrian a' deàrrsadh sìos,

Tha àile na mara a' tighinn tron uinneig,

Tha h-uile duin' an àirde

Tha an abhainn làn le pailteas uisge,

Tha am bradan a' tighinn a-rithist,

Tha na balaich bheaga shios air an drochaid,

Feuch an glac iad aon no dhà,

Latha Math air an Eilean,

Eilean Leòdhais mo Ghràidh,

Latha math air an Eilean,

Dachaigh mo smuaintean gu bràth,

Tha an t-Earrach ann 's na làithean fada,

Tha na h-uain a' ruith mun cuairt,

Tha na bodaich a-muigh a' buain na mònach,

Tha an t-àm sin air tighinn a-rithist,

Tha a' ghealach shuas 's a' ghrian na cadal,

Tha an oidhche nis air tighinn,

Tha e sàmhach is ciùin tron an Eilean,

Tha e math a bhith beò,

The official translation is here (https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5530fd09e4b007f8cbb170b4/t/58cadf70579fb385434949ea/1489690520028/Latha+math+%28lyrics%29.pdf) but I recommend reading it through to see if you recognise any words first!

If you have any song recommendations feel free to post them below, I was thinking we could get a thread going :)

December 2, 2019



You can learn some easy songs here on LearnGaelic, all broken down with lyrics.


I've always loved Julie Fowlis' "Lon-Dubh," a cover of The Beatles "Blackbird" :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MzetQfKwbE


Another lovely traditional song is Fear a bhata. It always gives me shivers when I hear it sung well.



Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHe2H2WOQXs


Wonderful song, here's the Capercaillie version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0_v0a_KAm8


Here's another one which just entered my head when I saw this post again. It's a nonsense poem, but easy to learn.



Far am bi mi fhìn is ann a bhios mo dhòchas

(The drunken piper)


When I first started learning Gaelic, I used this website which really takes you through the pronunciation and vocab as you learn songs: https://www.bbc.co.uk/alba/foghlam/beag_air_bheag/songs/


That (archived) content is now hosted on LearnGaelic, it's the same as in my link above.


Any playlists on Spotify?

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