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Progress reports?

I am a teacher and I am using the program to learn Spanish to help my students. Some students come to us and they can only speak Spanish. As a teacher, I can use the hours I spend on Duolingo as "professional development hours". I am studying Spanish to add to my skills as a teacher therefore I can use the hours to renew my teaching license but I need proof that I actually did the work. Can I print out a progress report of some kind to show that I have done the work?

December 3, 2019



"Spaced repetition" is very important.
This is explained in moderator hughcparker's comment in

Some background information about "Duolingo's Crown method

The advice in the English Duolingo Help Center

you don’t have to get to Level 5 right away!

We in fact recommend you don’t get to Level 5 all in one go.

Level 5 is there to show that you have practiced the words in that skill a ton and probably don’t need further practice on it for quite a while. It’s completely optional.

We definitely think we can do a better job of encouraging you not to binge on one skill, though, since that can feel really repetitive.

How can you make the program add new material?

  • Tap on a new skill in "crown level" 0 (purple circle)
  • do all the lessons in that skill until the skill has reached "crown level" 1 (blue circle)
  • tap the next new skill in "crown level" 0 (purple circle)
  • etc. etc.

When are you going to do lessons in skills with "crown level" 1-4?


Hi Rick,

this is interesting.

Don't you have to take any official language test from an institut to confirm your gained Spanish level and test yourself on reading, speaking, listening and writing?

You may want to upvote this thread: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25616210/Summary-time-statistics-total-hours-days-weeks-average-possible-feature

Lingvist and Mondly already have those "total words / hours" features you are looking for.

The Lingvist Spanish and French course has over 5000 words (only accessible with an "Unlimited" subscription).

I found several threads from 3, 4 to 6 years ago which requested this....

A proposal thread "Proposal: Give information of hours learned next to streak" from 11 months ago which you can also upvote: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30204340/Proposal-Give-information-of-hours-learned-next-to-streak

Best regards


You can also upvote my comment "More detail statistics" in Dr. Luis von Ahn's "What changes would you like to see" thread (big thread, 1009 comments): https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28202855$comment_id=30005769


Make a Duolingo class online, and go through all the steps to get your certificate. Then click certificate and click print

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