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  5. "Pehea ke kuisa i kēia lā?"

"Pehea ke kuisa i kēia lā?"

Translation:How was the quiz today?

December 3, 2019



How do you know that this is past tense?


I agree. It could be present tense, as this is what it looks like. You could be taking it at the time of the question is being asked.


Why is it "ke kuisa" and not "ke kuika"? "S" is not a letter in the Hawaiian alphabet, and other words like "penikala" change the "s" sound to "k".


"I ka pono sivila aʻo ke kanaka "


either was or is should be accepted.


How would it differ in Hawaiian if I said, "How is the quiz today?"

If there is no difference then the present tense should be accepted.

Can someone more fluent in Hawaiian explain please?

Thank you.


All languages have exceptions I'd say Same with 'pareu'. A Tahitian word for 'lavalava' (samoan) or loin cloth or sarong. It's for the Hawaiian language to accept more exceptions such these instead of 'twisting' the word English is part of the Hawaiian today. Why not 'quiz'?

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