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Mistake in the Sie section

I seem to have found a mistake in the 'Sie' section of the german lessons. It says this:

"Note that you can distinguish the formal 'Sie' from the plural 'sie' (they), because the formal 'Sie' will always be capitalized and its verbs are conjugated differently."

Now, the part about capitalisation is right, but verbs are conjugated in the same way for both 'sie' and 'Sie'.

If I am not misunderstanding, that's a pretty big mistake. If I am mistaken, it wouldn't hurt to make that text a bit more clear.


July 29, 2012


[deactivated user]

    @tourto: You're wrong about the formal you. There's definitely only one: "Sie trinken". "sie trinkt" translates as "she drinks" and "sie" is not capitalised unless it's at the start of the sentence.


    formal singular and plural: you drink - Sie trinken ; I see you - Ich sehe Sie informal singular: she drinks - sie trinkt ; I see her - Ich sehe sie informal plural: They drink - sie trinken ; I see them - Ich sehe sie


    oh right christian! Thanks for corection, I mixed up with spanish! So it would be now: du trinkst (single not formal) = you drink --- er/sie/es trinkt (single not formal) = he/she/it drinks --- ihr trinkt (plural not formal) = you guys drink --- sie trinken (plural not formal) = they drink --- Sie trinken (single and plural formal) = you/you guys drink (formal)

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