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  5. "Salted gannet is tasty."

"Salted gannet is tasty."

Translation:Tha guga blasta.

December 3, 2019



It sounds horrific

[deactivated user]

    how can 'salted' gannet just be guga: where's the adjective 'salted gone?


    I suspect it's the name of the food, not the animal.


    Correct. There has been a lot of argument on other questions but you never say salted gannet. It can't be because they go on a guga hunt and you can't hunt salted gannet!

    In fact it means gannet chick but it is never translated as there is no other word for a gannet chick. You just say guga in English.


    Same thought/ question here.


    I heard of guga, but it wasn't salted gannet. However I think from what I had heard it is the name of a complete preparation or dish.


    I can't find any reference anywhere that says guga means 'salted gannet' and I have never heard anyone say that. It means 'young gannet'. I agree that it is salted by the time you eat it but they catch guga. You can't catch a salted gannet.


    Fully agree with comments here, guga and salted guga are two different things particularly when being asked to translate.!

    [deactivated user]

      guga saillte


      When do you use biadh and when blasta?


      Biadh means 'food' so can be used for anything edible.

      But blasta mean 'tasty' (literally, as blas means 'taste') so you can only use it for something that tastes nice. It's up to you if you use it for guga.


      When do I have "tha" before a word vs not?


      It is one of the most common words in Gaelic, especially for any sentence in the present tense, so it is not easy to give a full list, and it does not match up exactly, but basically it means 'is, are, am' and like all verbs in Gaelic it goes at the beginning. It is well worth reading the notes provided for each unit and rereading then from time to time up as far as you have covered. Click on the button that says 'Tips' before you start each unit. Due to a bug in Duolingo they are not accessible on the app, so go to https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd. This link also allows you to check back whenever you want.

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