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"Chan eil Steòrnabhagh cho trang."

Translation:Stornoway is not so busy.

December 3, 2019



The expression "X is not so Y" must trip of the tongue of English-speaking Scots, but it's not that common south of the border, except in the extended construction "X is not so Y as Z" (Stornoway is no so busy (or "as busy") as London). More likely would be "X is not that busy", "X is not too busy" or "X is not very busy" in stand-alone situations where you are not making an explicit comparison. The analogous Irish construction might perhaps be "chomh gnóthach le".


Never mind all that, the recording is very difficult to decipher. Duolingo, please redo these muffled recordings.


Ceart gu leor. We Scots say: Not bad, Not so good. Not so much


Notice the two different pronunciations of Stornoway in the sentence and the words. One is saying Steòrnbhagh and the other Stòrnobhaigh


I have also heard it with a very definite hard c sound at the end. This one has a very subtle g.

I used to live in New Mexico. There were two towns there that had their own unique take on how there town was pronounced. Madrid was MAdrid and not MaDRID. And Thoreau was pronounced "throo"


I love lerning Galic


I wrote 'Stornoway's' instead of 'Stornoway is', and my answer was rejected.


Very hard to make out the audio. Muffled sound and low volume.

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