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"Chan eil Anndra ceart gu leòr."

Translation:Andrew is not ok.

December 3, 2019



In some accents you'll here a bit more of a 'sh' sound between the r and t in ceart.


What is wrong with Andrew is not well?


The difference between "OK" and "well" was discussed on another thread. Maybe one of the mods could link to it. I'm on the app and if there's a search feature on here I haven't found it yet.

Anyhow, "ceart gu leòr" from what I remember translates more directly as something like "right enough". OK is a better translation for it. "Acceptable" might be a reasonable try (but I don't know if the program will allow it). "Well" implies that he's completely healthy while OK only implies that he's not dead. There's also a possibility that it doesn't apply to health at all. Like if you hadn't seen someone for a while you might ask "is he OK?" implying more than just sickness as he might have moved away.


I said not well also

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