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  5. "bainne agus IRN BRU"

"bainne agus IRN BRU"

Translation:milk and IRN BRU

December 3, 2019



Don't mix those! Minging!


It will curdle. You'd need a spoon


Chan eil seo blasta idir


Is that like Laverne on "Laverne and Shirley" show back in the 70's who used to drink milk and pepsi (I am old, sorry)? Kind of like an icecream float that has melted - it's probably tasty with IRN BRU actually if you use full fat milk lol


Well, I never! With a smile, "each to their own".

In St Andrews there was a golfer who has whisky (real whisky) with some orange juice. Suppose it made sure no one else would drink. Some RCAF guys I worked with were for ever encouraging me to have something called. Moose Milk. Apparently they spend hours milking the moose. Do not think that there was either Irn Bru or cola in the mix.


Last mix I would drink.


What is IRN BRU?


Hi, I can help with the mystery.
Irn Bru is a soft drink, fizzy and amber in colour. Difficult to describe the tast as it is claimed to be a "secret” recipe. It was once sold regionally across Scotland but in now more widely available across the United Kingdom.
Also sold in various parts of the world and, I have read, very popular in Russia with Vodka. The very last thing you would mix it with is milk/bainne. Sounds horrible.
It is sold in bottles or 330ml cans. Hope that helps.


Kind of confusing that it's in all caps


Not expecting that a choice on here would ever be Boise! As in the city just down the road from me? Boise, Idaho? Or like the word boise from French? That caught me off guard! :)


Since the update which is catching more spelling errors, i was marked wrong for mispelling the English word "and" as "an." Im glad that the glitch was fixed so now i am made aware of mispelling Gaelic words, but really? I lose 1 of my 3 purple hearts for missing 1 letter in an English word while if i spell a Gaelic word wrong it is simply marked as a typo?

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