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"Chan eil i ag iarraidh dreasa."

Translation:She is not wanting a dress.

December 3, 2019



I get that this is about the ag+verbal noun, but the present continuous is just wrong in English. Apart from anything else "want" is a stative verb, and having ag iarraidh translated every time as wanting is just maddening!


Agreed, this sounded odd to my ears...!
I presume it should be ‘she does not want a dress’....?
...and the reason they’ve written it as they’ve have is because the Gaelic is more literally formed by verb ‘to be’/‘is not’ + want(ing), ie. tha/chan eil... ag iarraidh? I think they’d be better to give a tip/explanation at this point?!


... RIGHT YOU ARE - sounds immensely wrong in English - but WE KNOW what they want with it - so I tend to "LET IT BE" (as it is the 50th birthday of The Beatles' LAST ALBUM today !) ...


It's not so wrong in Scots, or Scottish English. Example "What's that bairn wanting?" "Nothing, she's just wanting her bed"

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