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  5. "Tapadh leat a bhràthair!"

"Tapadh leat a bhràthair!"

Translation:Thank you, brother!

December 3, 2019



Surely I can't be the only one lazy enough to translate this as "thanks bro" ...


It sounds like there is a soft T at the end of bhràthair. Is this actually how it should sound?


The slender "r" pronunciation (after e or i) and r and the end of a word after a vowel does have a bit of a soft "th" sound. And the bh is pronounced like an English v. And h after the t makes the t silent. So its pronounced a bit like vrah-hath or vrah-heth. But i am only a couple weeks in. Hope this helps. Keep going!


All correct. But note that the th sound for slender r is Lewis dialect, but apparently now spreading.


I don't understand when to use "leibh" and "leat". Who can explain?


"leibh" - older people/seniors and groups

"leat" - kids/peers, more informal


Can someone type out the pronuonciatin of bhràthair


/brahər/ so roughly like bra as in brass then her. In some dialects the r sounds like the th in the.


where can I find a vocab list? I've only just noticed that athair, mathair and brathair are almost the same! I would've spotted that before now had I seen them all together! a list of words would help me to make links between words.


I have been writing down all the words I learn in a note book. Gaelic word then english word . I title the page with each category like, personel details, food, clothes ,ect. When I learn how its pronounced I write it best I can next to the words. Thats my list It really helps with spelling also.


If you go to duome.eu you can get a list of all words used in the different parts.


How can you distinguish the bh and mh sound?? They both sound like "v"...


Bingo! They do both sound like "v". :)

We have them both because of the need to lenite (add a h) to both m and b

Glè mhath Glè bhlàth


You will tell the difference between mh and bh through context after you learn more


Do I have to clean my ears or does the bhràthair have a t at the beginning? Is it v or t? I am confusion.


When is it tapadh leibh and when tapadh leat?


i love the fact that i can just put in "thanks bro"

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