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  5. "You don't have a bonnet on."

"You don't have a bonnet on."

Translation:Chan eil bonaid ort.

December 3, 2019



Is "bonnet" a specific type of hat, or is it the normal way to say "hat" in Scotland? When I hear "bonnet," I think of fancy hats for women or cute little hats for babies. (Canadian English.) The word seems to show up frequently in these lessons, which is why I'm asking.


A bonnet is the type of hat one would wear with a kilt. :-) Just google "Scottish bonnet" for a few examples.


Thanks! I thought that might be the case.


This could get very confusing. The original graphic for "bonaid" showed what is more commonly known in Scotland as a "toorie bunnet", commonly knitted from wool. "Toorie" is the bobble on top.
A Scottish bonnet (Outlander style) doesnt have a "toorie".

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