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Unlocking stories

Hi, I'm a teacher and really want to unlock stories without making my students do every. single. one. that precedes it. Any way to bypass this requirement?

December 3, 2019



Unfortunately, no, SeƱoritaFL. There are a large number of us begging for Stories to be more integrated in Schools.

If you want them to access a specific story, have you thought about doing the story whole-class? You can project it on the board and have your students use mini-whiteboards to write the answers to the comprehension questions. Or you can put them in teams and make them compete. You can also have them act out the play. Just some ideas.


Thanks so much for this reply! All great suggestions. One more question -- I still can't access them as a teacher from the dashboard. Do even I** have to watch ALL of them to access later levels?


Yes, you will have to. But really, the stories are fun, and they will be very quick for you since you are fluent.

The only story I didn't like was 2042, which freaked me out. :)

Some of us in the Educator's Network are working on getting all the stories written down, all the comprehension and matching questions written down, and making up some games, writing prompts, and Tinycards for each of the Stories, because we love them so much. Stay tuned!


Great news! THank you!

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