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  5. "Tha Sasainn ceart gu leòr."

"Tha Sasainn ceart gu leòr."

Translation:England is ok.

December 3, 2019



Is the word Sasainn related to the Scottish word Sassenach? And are these from the word Saxon?


Yes, Sasainn and Sasannach come from Saxon (through Middle Irish Saxa, Saxain).

Also the name of the English language: Beurla comes from older Sacs-Bhéarla meaning ‘Saxon speech’ from Old Irish bélrae – ‘speech, language’, related to beul ‘mouth’.

Celtic languages use the name of Saxons to call England and related concepts, unlike the rest of world which used the names of Angles (cf. Welsh Sais ‘Englishman’, Saesneg ‘English’ or Cornish Pow Sows ‘England’, lit. ‘country of Saxons’).


Sasannach is the Gaelic word for English (as in - an English person). I believe they are cognates of Saxon, but don't quote me.


This grudging compliment makes me laugh every time.


I can not seem to pronounce 'leòr' correctly for the life of me.


I'm from the Southwestern US, and "ceart" sounds almost like "cursed", or "care-sed". Am I hearing this right?

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