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  5. "Tha an duine a' cadal."

"Tha an duine a' cadal."

Translation:The person is sleeping.

December 3, 2019



Duine doesn't mean person. It means MAN. Person is NEACH.


I'd say:

neach > person

fear > man

duine > man or person

Both will be accepted as translations for duine.


Would you ever use DUINE of a woman or girl?


In certain instances, it could imply a woman or girl:

A bheil duine sam bith an-seo? > 'Is anyone/anybody here?'

Chan fhaca mi duine. > 'I didn't see a person/anyone/anybody.'


So could you also say somebody is sleeping? Or would that be something else?


As long as its an abstract, non-specific or unidentified person who might be female, duine is fine (for me).

If it's known the person in question is a female though, I'd personally swerve duine and use something definitely female, like "tè".

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