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  5. "Ciamar a tha thu, Anna?"

"Ciamar a tha thu, Anna?"

Translation:How are you, Anna?

December 3, 2019



It would be nice to hear the sentence in slow, if only because I hadn't encountered the word ciamar in the last little while, and I honestly thought that there were two words there.
Man, I am struggling with some of this; it's fun though.


I agree. I'm on a review of this part of the course and this audio threw me for a loop.


Why is this 'thu' when an identical sentence used 'sibh'? When is it appropriate to use one and not the other?


thu is informal and sibh is formal.


If you are on a first-name terms with someone (a friend of roughly the same age, your child, etc.), you use thu. I think the direct use of the name, Anna, here is supposed to be a clue to use the informal version.

Also, I think many sentences accept both translations, thu and sibh.


It seems strange then that half of the sentences using first names are also using the formal so there is no way to discern this through the course.

If it accepts either sibh or thu when translating a sentence however I suppose it's not too much of an issue.

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