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Why can't I login to Duolingo for Schools?

I've been using Duolingo for Schools for nearly 3 years and this week I can't login! It keeps telling me that it doesn't recognize my e-mail. I CAN login to Duolingo.com, but I can't get to Duolingo for Schools from there. I need to check my students' work! Help!

December 4, 2019



Currently, we're looking into an issue with teachers logging into the site from the Schools site itself.

If you'll login to duolingo.com and then access schools.duolingo.com, this will work as a temporary workaround until the issue is resolved.


Has the issue been resolved yet? Even with the work-around KevinR86 posted, I cannot reliably login to my Duolingo for Schools account. Yesterday somehow I was able to and this morning I cannot. It stalls and a red window pops up "Wrong Username and Password".

It's unfortunate that it is down. If it cannot work reliably I cannot include it in my lessons for students.

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