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  5. "Uan agus caora."

"Uan agus caora."

Translation:A lamb and a sheep.

December 4, 2019



Is it not true that caora refers mainly to the ewe since Gàidhlig has the word reithe for the ram? I raise sheep and would really like to be able to talk about them accurately. While we're on the subject, what would be the word for a castrated ram, i.e., a wether? Tapadh leibh!


I guess it's similar to English, where cattle (male and female) are often referred to as 'cows'.

  • ram > reithe or rùda (pl. 'reitheachan' and 'rùdachan')
  • wether > molt (pl. 'muilt')
  • last year's female lamb (I'm not sure what the English for this is!) > othaisg (pl. 'othaisgean' or 'òisgean')

I'll add more if I can think of any!


A yearling female sheep is a gimmer (at least in Aberdeenshire).

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