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  5. "a friend and a dog"

"a friend and a dog"

Translation:caraid agus cù

December 4, 2019



Is there any difference between 'caraid' a 'charaid'?


It's different forms of the same word. If you're just talking about a friend, it's caraid. If you're speaking to them, the form changes (it's called vocative case) and you say "a charaid", which you can think of as "oh friend."


I'm sure I have seen it used in the singular form like IRN BRU tapadh leibh a which kind of confused me because I always thought it was a caraid for singular


How do I add the accent to a letter using my keyboard? Tried using ctrl + accent key, then the letter. Didn't work


I think if you hold down on the letter for a couple of seconds it should display the other characters, well at least that's how it works on my phone


I am not sure this is the easiest way but if you alt133 will be à- alt138 è- alt141 ì -alt 149 ò - alt 151 ù


Thank you Sue. I finally found out how to do this from wikihow.com. "how to put accents on letters". Method #2 of 5 worked. Have to use the alt key as you suggested and type in a numerical code. Printed out the code sheet and taped it to my computer for quick reference guide.


I usually select European Portuguese as my input mode keyboard. I find it useful for inputting tildes, circumflex accents, acute accents, and grave accents. When using it, type: }u to produce ù.

Alternatively, sometimes I use google translate online keyboard. The feature is unavailable for Scots Gaelic, but is for Spanish, among other languages. European Portuguese keyboard is displayable through google translate virtual keyboard.


I found this external link where we can learn the basic letters and combination letters prononciation explained, with sounds of each. That helps. Wish duo would do that at beginning of every language lessons: https://learngaelic.net/sounds/


That's a good find and thanks for sharing.


I tried using the article a before the Gaelic word for friend, as in :

"A charaid agus cù."

Can someone tell me the difference of using 'a' before 'caraid' (the word for friend), and omitting it?


'A' is used when addressing a person.


Why is it caraid here, but charaid other times?


See the "Vocative" chapter of Tips and Notes, here (about caraid and a charaid) : https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd


What do they mean "tha" ? Thanks for your answer


Sea Tips and Notes here, for explications on all chapters : https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd


This might be the info referred to by MaryThorpe2: https://www.wikihow.com/Put-Accents-on-Letters


To everyone: just use a phone, like do on my dad's.


"Coo" is the Scots pronunciation of "cow." Technically English, but it's Scots English, which might as well be its own language.


Cù is dog, and bò is cow.


What are the rules for using tha ?


is caraid pronounced like a carriage or like cah-rage? (rage like "yer a pure rage man, absolutely mental" )



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