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  5. "Milk! Thank you, father!"

"Milk! Thank you, father!"

Translation:Bainne! Tapadh leibh athair!

December 4, 2019



Is "a athair" incorrect because athair starts with an "a"?

I saw parts of the phrases contain "a sheanair," "a mhàthair," "a bhràthair," and "a phiuthar" and assumed they were similar but they don't start with an "a" like [athair].


From what I understand the a disappears because "a athair" is hard to pronounce.


From what I have read (hopefully accurate), the vocative case is formed by a) leniting the beginning of the word (m --> mh, s --> sh, etc) b) slenderising the end of the word if it ends with a broad consonant (bràthar --> bhràthair) and c) putting 'a' in front of the word, unless it begins with a vowel or f, since f becomes fh which is silent, (I.e. fear becomes fhear and not a fhear).

Hope this helps anyone wondering about this.


You sound like you know something. Where in Scotland does this particuler gaelic come from?


Thank you. This makes sense. The vocative kept tripping me up because in Irish the rules are almost, but not exactly, the same. The main difference is we never drop the vocative particle, so "a athair" would be correct in Irish.

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