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  5. "The woman's name is Mara."

"The woman's name is Mara."

Translation:mara 'oH be' pong'e'.

December 4, 2019



Why is be'pong'e' not one word?


For the same reason woman'sname isn't all one word in English. The language doesn't combine the word be' woman with the word pong name to mean woman's name.


Why is the 'e' suffix required?


Any time you use a pronoun-as-verb-"to be" AND an explicit subject you MUST mark that explicit subject with -'e'. It doesn't add any meaning and it's rare that a Klingon wouldn't understand you if you accidently left it off. It's just a rule that has to be followed and even experienced human Klingon speakers find it sounds weird when it is left off.

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