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  5. "A bheil thu sgìth? Chan eil."

"A bheil thu sgìth? Chan eil."

Translation:Are you tired? No.

December 4, 2019



Too much of a gap between question and answer. That's twice that I just said the first part


I don't think "No" should be the sole accepted answer here. It's common for many people to say "I'm not" and not using "yes" or "no" as well, much like in Gaelic and Irish.


Yeah, I went for "I am not" and was marked wrong. Seems an OK answer to me.

Also, "I am" is surely as right as "yes" in the same context. I mean, that's what "Tha" actually means!


Would "I am not." Be incorrect?


OK, I should have read all the comments before commenting. Sorry.

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