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  5. "Tha piuthar bheag agad."

"Tha piuthar bheag agad."

Translation:You have a little sister.

December 4, 2019



Are younger and older siblings expressed the same way as they are in English? little sister/piuthar bheag = younger sister

Or would you say instead "piuthar òg" for younger sister?


Came here to ask same question.


Was thinking too literally here and accidentally wrote "small sister" instead of "little sister", but I feel like that answer shouldn't be marked wrong here. Little sister is obviously the more likely translation, but surely you could read the sentence as a statement about the physical size of a sibling too? Or am I missing something, and would you express that idea a different way?


Are you sure that was the mistake? I got it marked wrong for leaving out "a" small sister


I would have expected bheag to have a "v" sound at the the start, this sounds just like a "b"


Why is it bheag instead of beag?

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