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Remove from league?

Is it possible to take part in the lessons but not have the xp thing, which I don't really understand, and to be removed from the league?

December 4, 2019



Yep! If you go to "Settings" by hovering your mouse over your profile picture in the the top right, click on "Settings". Then go to "privacy", and then untick "Make my profile public". That should remove you from leagues :-) That's the only way I know how at least


Thank you, I have tried that and can't get any further than the privacy option. I see some other replies and will try those and come back if I don't get anywhere. Very grateful that you tried.


I've had it with that also. It gets in the way of learning. I made it to Diamond, then noticed that people were earning several hundred xp in less than 15 minutes. One guy added 1200+xp in the first hour. Evidently there is a way of earning xp's other than by doing a 10 xp lesson segment. I also noticed that every time I added xp's to a multiple of 100, the person above me would immediately add 200 .....in less than a minute? I have no idea how this game is played, but it only encourages me to zip through the lessons, lowering retention. Love the course though.

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