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  5. "Tìoraidh Iseabail."

"Tìoraidh Iseabail."

Translation:Bye, Isabel.

December 4, 2019



Is he intentionally not pronouncing the V sound of the DH at the end of the first word?


dh doesn't make a 'v' sound here :)


why do you translate NAMES!? it's only in this course. Isabel is Isabel even in Chinise.


Because Gaelic speakers change their names depending on the language they are using. While it would be rude to take it upon yourself to call Pierre "Peter" in Gaelic this is not the case with almost all names. Oighrig in Gaelic is Effie in English. If we didn't do this then we would be giving learning a false impression of what actually happens. We also accept the Gaelic variants in English. You would almost never hear most Gaelic names in English.


I'm afraid to lose the heart by trying, but would alternate but valid spellings of the name be okay? Like Isobel?

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