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"Can sin a-rithist. Tha beagan Gàidhlig agam."

Translation:Say that again. I have a little Gaelic.

December 4, 2019



Pretty sure "I speak little Gaelic" should be acceptable here.


I wouldn't say so – the nuance is a bit different in what you're saying.

Unless you mean "I speak a little Gaelic", yes, that should be acceptable.


That's the point though. If you're asking somebody to speak slower, then aren't you saying your language isn't good enough to understand them? "A little" means enough. Or is that not the case in Highland English?


I don't recall seeing the word "please" Is it not used in Gaelic?


Not traditionally. You have to get out of the mindset of judging what is right or wrong based on you knowledge of your own language and culture. It is coming in as Gaelic is more and more influenced by English. Some people regard mas e do thoil e / mas e ur toil e as a clear sign of learnerese.

See here for further details.


Tha seo cho inntinneach! I have been making myself the same question through the course. It really "bothers" me not to know how to say please. It's so embedded in my education and culture (I am french and portuguese) I can't ask for something and not say "please". Would it be acceptable to say "Gabh mo leisgeul, can sin a-rithist"?


I really love that translation? I can't help continuing it like "I have a little Gaelic in my pocket, he has a bonnet and likes salted gannet"


Would "Chan eil ach beagan Gàidhlig agam" not be more usual?


It would be if you were fluent. But there would be no point in saying this if you were fluent.


Is "Tha Gàidhlig beag agam" also correct? If I remember well, people used to say this way in some videos I used to watch.


Not sure but I've seen that as well.


I'm with Bob on this. Does Gaelic not have "please"? It feels rude this way..

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