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  5. "A bheil i ceòthach?"

"A bheil i ceòthach?"

Translation:Is it misty?

December 4, 2019



How does the "a bheil" phrase work? Would this be a correct translation?

  • a bheil = am/is/are? (question phrase)



Basically every verb in Gaelic has a positive form, a negative form, and a question. Generally those three are basically the same. But you get something called irregular verbs (which is where the words differ for various reasons).

What you have here with "a bheil" is the question form of tha. And, the reason it looks nothing like the word tha is because tha is an irregular verb.

Tha - positive chan eil - negative a bheil? - question

with a regular verb (which is a solid 90% plus of the language's vocabulary probably) it would look like this.

Leugh - positive Cha do leugh - negative an do leugh - question

(leugh means read by the way)


Though it should be mentioned that any other verb than 'is' will either be the past tense, or the future tense (which is also used for the habitual present) because 'is' is the only verb with a present tense. Hence all the at doing, at going etc. So leugh mi an leabhar - I read the book (past tense), Cha do leugh an leabhar - I didn't read the book, an do leugh an leabhar - did you read the book? (and just for fun, nach do leugh an leabhar - didn't you read the book?). But we'll be likely getting to that in time.


If it's any consolation, apart from the 'is' verb (and there I'm afraid there are two forms of that depending on whether you are equating nouns or a noun with an adjective) there are only 10 irregular verbs in Scottish Gaelic.


The recording of this lass is quite muffled!


I have seen "it" as i and as e. When would we use one over the other?


I is for when the noun that is the object of the sentence in femine, and e is for when it's masculine. Weather is entirely feminine, from what I've seen so far, so i is your main choice for 'it', for this section.


Weather is feminine but day is masculine, so if you're talking about "the weather" it is feminine but if you're talking about "the day" it's masculine.


Not qualified in any way, but it depends on what topic is being discussed I believe. For instance weather is feminine. Again, may be completely wrong here, hope it may help.


Why aren't the questions sounding like a question at the end? All "A bheil i..." questions sound like a fact

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