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  5. Tha beagen Gaidhlig agam


Tha beagen Gaidhlig agam

Does that mean - I "speak" only a little Scottish Gaelic ?

If so, why agam here ?

And if that is the case, why the translations says "have"... which doesn't seem correct in modern day English.

December 4, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Gaelic does not have a word for 'have.' It's represented by the particle 'ag' / preposition 'aig'.

    In the case of "agam," it is the first person singular of the word, indicating that you have something, or 'can (do) something.' Literally, "agam" is like saying "at me/of me" in English.

    So "Tha Gàidhlig agam" > Is Gaelic of me > Is Gaelic I have > I speak Gaelic.


    The ag/a' particle is only for verbal nouns, to give a progressive aspect.

    The preposition "at" is "aig".


    Language is something you possess in Gaelic. Aig is often used to show possession.


    It does mean that, but as others say the construction of sentences in Gaelic is different to English. "Tha pailteas ghaidhlig agam" means I have plenty of Gaelic. Maybe I'll be able to say that one day.

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